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The demand for massage services is at an all-time high and employers are looking for therapists.


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You can Transform people’s life through massage!

Employers are hiring all across the country!  The demand for massage services is at an all-time high and employers are looking for therapists.  


*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook online 2018 

    Innovative online programs and apprenticeships / externships at local spas and clinics

    Ask us about the $500 discount for paying for your program in full.   We also have a monthly payment plan starting around $430 per month.

    You could be earning income as a massage therapist in as little as six months.

    Online classes are open to start whenever you are ready. Hands-on classes starting October 2019.

    Program Highlights


    Hybrid Study Program

    • Our State-of-the-Art program is both online and in person to better support you and your lifestyle. 

    • One of a kind program, not available anywhere else.

    • Start at any time for the online portion. You can take the time you need to complete this, although we recommend that you do so within six months. 


    How it Works

    • Available on any device, phone, tablet or pc.
    • Fit this program into your life, not the other way around.
    • Learn the hands-on portion at spas and clinics that are hiring massage therapists now.
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    Here’s How It Works

    Online Classes

    The online classes can be taken from any device, including your smartphone. This allows you to jump in and work on your coursework any time. These classes cover business, theory, and science. They can also be taken at your own pace. Finally, there is no semester system and no start or end date for the online courses. If you need extra time for a class because work is busy, then take it. If you have some free time and want to work through an entire course quickly, then you can. The instructors are all licensed massage therapists who will guide you throughout your massage therapy education.

    Hands-On Classes

    Hands-on training is the essential part of becoming a skilled massage therapist. Licensed Massage Therapist instructors will offer structured learning, supervision and mentorship. You will do this training at the local Rubs Massage Studio clinic’s in Tucson and Chandler working in a small group of students.

    These spas and clinics are actively looking for massage therapists to hire. Once you complete the program and get licensed, you will have a job opportunity waiting for you!

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    What you can expect from us is everything we have to help you be successful so that in six months you will look back on this as the best decision you ever made for your career and for your personal growth.

    Choose your setting! From private practice and spa to clinical.

    Ignite well-being, first for yourself and then for others!

    Become part of the new generation of massage therapists who are bringing well-being to the planet through our state-of-the-art program founded by seasoned therapists and successful business owners.


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