Our programs are designed to prepare students for careers in in-demand and growing fields at an affordable price.  We utilize today’s technologies to make our programs more accessible to more people in order to help communities and employers close the “skills gap” and help students secure rewarding careers.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Has achieved a minimum of a High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED)
  • Who is of good moral character, and who can provide three personal and/or professional references
  • Has not been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (Examples include, but are not limited to: reporting false information to the police, shoplifting or concealment of merchandise, petit larceny, welfare fraud, embezzlement, and writing worthless checks)

Transfer students from other vocational technical schools are eligible to apply and must include a current official copy of the school transcript in attendance, as well as a letter of reference from a current school administrator. 

Application Process

Any eligible and interested in applying for a program acceptance must do the following: 

  • Fill out a Contact Form and request an Application 
  • Attend an interview with a school official either in person, or on the phone if applying from outside the local area.

Application Review and Acceptance Process

A student application will be evaluated and approved or denied based on the merits of the application, and confirmation that all required criteria is met. Students will be notified of acceptance status via email and/or a phone call.

  • Completion of Enrollment Agreement, Retail Installment Contract if necessary, & agreement with all school policies.
  • Completion of a background check
  • Application deadlines prior to any classroom start-date calendar is 24-hours, contingent upon space in the class, and completion of all other enrollment requirements.

There is a discount of $999 if you are able to pay in full.

You will save approximately $2,000 by paying in full and getting the discount and avoiding the interest of the payment plan

eBooks and apps are a separate cost of $307.20 – paid at the time of enrollment. 

Payment Plans

We have partnered with a financing company to offer 18 – month payment plans for every program.  You make 18 equal payments – with the first payment due when you enroll.  The cost of your eBooks and apps are included.  The payments are:

500 Hour program – $402.34 per month

600 Hour Program – $434.24 per month

750 Hour Program – $466.14 per month

Bad credit is ok – almost everyone qualifies.  There is an option for a co-signer as well. 

Job Outlook

Massage Therapists

Percent change in employment, projected 2016-26:

         Massage therapists – 26%
         Other healthcare support occupations – 22%
         Total, all occupations – 7%

As more states adopt licensing requirements and standards for massage therapists, the practice of massage is likely to be respected and accepted by more people as a way to treat pain and to improve overall wellness.

Similarly, demand will likely increase as more healthcare providers understand the benefits of massage and these services become part of treatment plans. However, demand in some healthcare settings will be tempered by limited insurance coverage for massage services.

Massage also offers specific benefits to particular groups of people whose continued demand for massage services will lead to overall growth for the occupation. For example, many sports teams hire massage therapists to help their athletes rehabilitate from injuries and to relieve or manage pain.

The number of massage clinic franchises has increased in recent years. Many franchised clinics offer more affordable massages than those provided at spas and resorts, making massage services available to a wider range of customers.

Job Prospects

In states that regulate massage therapy, opportunities should be available to those who complete formal programs and pass a professionally recognized exam. However, new massage therapists should expect that it can take time to build a client base.

Because referrals are an important source of work for massage therapists, marketing and networking may help increase the number of job opportunities. Joining a professional association also can help build strong contacts and further increase the likelihood of steady work. In addition, massage therapists may be able to attract a wider variety of clients by completing education programs in multiple modalities.

In May 2017, the median annual wages for massage therapists in the top industries in which they worked were as follows:

Offices of chiropractors$51,240
Offices of all other health practitioners42,860
Personal care services38,200

Most massage therapists earn a combination of wages and tips and may receive free or discounted massages as a benefit.

Career Advising and Placement Services

Statement that accurately that details the type and amount of career advising and placement services by the school.  While Allied Health Career Institute does not guarantee placement for employment, we do provide career advising for entry-level employment opportunities.  

Requirements for Graduates to Practice Massage Therapy

In order to practice massage therapy professionally in Virginia, graduates of our Massage Practitioner’s Program are required to successfully pass the MBLEx Exam, in order to fulfill the application criteria with the Virginia Board of Nursing.  All other states vary in their respective licensing regulations and should be referenced with the states in question.  Our admission representatives are also available to assist you with planning your education for successful compliance with the state(s) you intend to become licensed.  

Disclosure Statement – State Licensure

This program might not comply with licensure requirements regarding the number of hours required to practice in all states. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the hours offered in this program will satisfy his or her own city and/or state licensure requirements. Licensure requirements are considered on a state-by-state basis; therefore, students who anticipate working in states other than Arizona must assume the responsibility of inquiring with each individual state. In addition, Allied Health Career Institute does not guarantee employment upon graduation. Please contact us for assistance with planning your education accordingly, as we are happy to assist you. 

Transfer of Existing Credits to Allied Health Career Institute

Students who wish to transfer in existing credits completed previously must submit transcripts directly from that institution, accompanied with the school catalog.  Any course hours transferred in will be credited towards the equivalent course in our program if they are determined to meet the standards set forth by AHCI and all final credit determinations will be made by the Chief Education Officer at his sole discretion. 

In order to be considered for transfer credit, the courses previously taken must meet the following minimum standards:

  • All courses must be from a state approved post-secondary school. No high school, unlicensed training program courses, or life experience will be accepted.
  • All courses must have been completed within the past 5 years, unless given special exemption by the Chief Education Officer.
  • The student must have achieved a minimum of a 70%, “Pass”, “Satisfactory” or equivalent to be given credit. There will be no partial credit given for incomplete classes at another institution, all courses must be complete with a grade in order to be considered.

Transfer of Existing Credits from Allied Health Career Institute

Credits earned at Allied Health Career Institute are transferable to another institution at the sole discretion of the accepting institution.

 Credit for Life / Work Experience

Allied health Career Institute does not grant any credit for life or work experience.

Grading & Make-Up Policy

A student much achieve a minimum total final grade of at least 70% to successfully graduate and be awarded a certificate for the program.  The items that are used to determine the final grades are:

  • Attendance
  • Assignments / Discussion Forums / Activities
  • Quizzes / Written Exams
  • Practical Exams

Student proficiency is based on a minimum of 70% as evaluated by the primary instructor of any practical massage therapy course.  Our online curriculum is also evaluated at an objective score of 70% or better to achieve satisfactory completion of each course.  All students are responsible for material missed due to absence.  All assignments must be submitted with-in one week of the return to school.  If an exam is missed, the student must make up the exam on the first day that they return to class.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate and be granted their certificate, students must obtain a 70% score in ALL classes, tuition must be paid in full, and commitments of attendance and practicum must be met. 

Grade Reporting & Transcripts

All student course grades and program completion status will be maintained on the school’s official administrative computer systems.  Students can request an official copy of their transcript at any time prior to or after the completion of their program.  Official Transcripts will be furnished upon individual completion of their program / course of study.  Additionally, incomplete school transcripts will be officially furnished only to another state-licensed massage school or equivalent institution for the purpose of transferring completed credits and is subject to a fee based on the number of credits completed.   

Students Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities

Allied Health Career Institute does not discriminate in its admission, instruction or graduation policies on the basis of age, race, creed, ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, financial status or area of origin or residence. 

All candidates will be informed of the necessary responsibilities and dedication they must have in class and in the field in which they are being trained. The school does not make any effort to recruit students that are already attending or admitted to another school offering similar programs of study. 

To assure that each student has carefully considered and evaluated all information available, Allied Health Career Institute suggests that each student review the following statement of student rights and responsibilities. 

It is your responsibility as a student to:

  • Review and consider all information about a school program before you enroll.
  • Read and understand all forms that you are asked to sign and keep copies of them.
  • Accept responsibility for the promissory note and all other agreements that you sign.
  • If you have a loan, notify the lender of any changes in name, address or school status.
  • Know and comply with your school refund policy. 

You have the right to ask a school about:

  • Its programs.
  • Instructional laboratory.
  • Other facilities and its faculties.
  • The costs of attendance.
  • Refund policies should a student drop out.
  • Understand how satisfactory progress is determined and what happens if you are not progressing satisfactorily.
  • Special services and facilities are available for the physically disabled. 

Student Grievance and Complaint Procedure

Any student with a grievance, complaint or dispute against the Allied Health Career Institute must submit in writing to the school director, and in detailed language the nature of the grievance, complaint or dispute, date of occurrence, and whom the grievance, complaint, or dispute is filed against. 

Allied Health Career Institute will review and investigate all grievances, complaints, or disputes within 7 business days upon receipt of complaint.  Within 21 business days the school will respond in writing to the complainant stating the school’s findings, and any actions to be taken, or already taken.    

Any action deemed necessary by the on-site director will be taken at this time. Allied Health Career Institute will make every attempt to resolve the grievance, complaint, or dispute; satisfactory to all parties.  Furthermore, the school will not tolerate any unfair treatment by any other student or affiliate of the school as a result of the initiation of a complaint. 

*Important Note:  The school ensures that student(s) will not be subject to unfair action and/or treatment by any school official as a result of the initiation of a complaint.  If the complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution’s grievance procedure, the student may file a complaint with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia – SCHEV: 

101 N. 14th Street, 10th Floor

James Monroe Building

Richmond, VA 23219


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